Early Intervention and Employer Services

Procare understands the importance of early engagement in facilitating return to work and return to health outcomes.

Our allied health professionals provide high-quality assessments and programs to identify early warning signs which promote early intervention and measurable outcomes. Our early Intervention programs quickly address and manage injuries, with services ranging from ergonomic assessments, psychological support and tailored Early Intervention Programs.

Our programs are designed to benefit employers and employees, delivering: 

  • Optimal recovery outcomes
  • Increased capacity to remain at work
  • Reduced length of time away from work
  • Reduced likelihood of further absence due to sickness
  • Productive and supportive work environments

Our programs and services are complemented by an assessment of a person’s fitness and ability to safely perform the duties reasonably required of them. Our focus is on achieving health and RTW outcomes that are safe and effective, and in accordance with client’s policies and guidelines. 

Early Intervention and Employer Services

  • Pre-employment Medical Assessments
  • Fitness for Duty Assessments
  • Early Intervention Services
  • Outsourced RTW Coordination
  • Capacity Upgrading Programs
  • Employee Transition Programs
  • Mediation Services
  • Job task analysis / Job Dictionaries / Suitable Duties Registers
  • Ergonomic Services
  • Education and Training Programs:
    • Ergonomic Training
    • Manual Handling Training
    • Mental Health Training Programs for leaders, managers and employees
    • Bullying and Harassment Training
    • Workplace Behaviour Training
    • Complex Claims Management Training
    • Vulnerable Person Training (trauma-informed care)

Our services are designed for employers to help prevent injuries, build healthy workplaces, and improve the injury management experience.